Education with Great Service

It is important for the individuals to thoroughly understand the type of issues they may have in their home or building. Here at Pure Service Pro we pride ourselves on providing our clients with information. We believe that education starts long before a sale. If you don’t understand what your problem is then how can we offer you a solution? We Can’t! provide our customers with some of the industry’s most useful information without forcing then to endure tedious reading through industry jargon. If at any time you find that you have additional questions please contact our office at (877) 825-3841 to speak to one of our education specialist.

A Healthy Indoor Environment

The quality of air contributes to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and well being in a healthy indoor environment. The indoor air should be free from significant levels of odors, dust and contaminants to prevent stuffiness without creating drafts. Occupants should be free from feeling sick. See Health risk page. Temperature and humidity should also be appropriate to the season and clothing, and activity of the building occupants.

PURE SERVICE PRO lets you breathe easy with our unique capabilities to:
• Test your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
• Identify Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) and other environmental risk factors
• Recommend cost and time efficient solutions from the very basic to engineering intervention
• Execute our plans to eliminate and future problems, and eliminate health risks

TO LEARN MORE about your property’s environmental concerns, our learning center provides information on:

A key sign that there is a problem is if you feel like you’re getting sick in your property.Then, it probably does have an issue with IAQ. At this point, it is in your best interest, as well as the interest of others to have it immediately evaluated by a certified professional.

Contact PURE SERVICE PRO today at (877) 825-3841 for a FREE consultation regarding our Indoor Air Quality testing, treatment, restoration and decontamination services.