After fire or smoke damage occurs, the odor will affect your indoor environment unless assessed, tested and treated. The PURE SERVICE PRO unique professional service tests air and surfaces to detect microscopic contaminated particles or gases and removes odor components, soot, mildew, allergens and more. During the deodorization process PURE SERVICE PRO will not use any chemicals that create new odors (such as orange, lemon, etc.) and obstruct our senses of smell and load our respiratory systems with toxic chemicals.

Odors are generated by different sources such as soot, mold due to flood, sewage, and water damage, contaminated particles, etc. and require different methods of deodorization. However, no matter what the odor situation, the same fundamental principles apply in order to deodorize.

We provide:

  1. Scientific identification of the odor source.
  2. Remove and/or decontaminate affected materials.
  3. Restoration of environments affected by fire, soot and smoke damage.
  4. Restoration of environments affected by flood, sewage, and water damage.
  5. Air quality restoration.
  6. Post restoration and decontamination verification testing.

At PURE SERVICE PRO we know that only scientific identification and “green” processes of decontamination will remove the odors without affecting your health.


  1. Chemicals used ordinarily are more toxic and can affect your indoor environment more than soot or mold!
  2. Spraying chemicals into the air will not affect the source of odors/contamination.
  3. Air quality restoration.
  4. Without scientific identification you cannot solve odor/contamination problems.

The best thing to remember is if you feel like you’re getting sick in your property. Then, it probably does have an issue with IAQ. At this point, it is in your best interest, as well as the interest of others, to have it immediately evaluated by a certified professional.

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