Sick Building Syndrome – (SBS)

sick bldg
Headaches, upper respiratory irritation, fatigue, nausea, and membrane irritation are among the most common symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome, (SBS).

Sick building syndrome is a term used to describe health symptoms that seem to be linked to building occupancy without any other diseases being detected. The causes of sick building syndrome are not easily recognizable. Complaints and symptoms are usually relieved after exiting the building. A diagnosis is made based upon the exclusion of other diseases and is determined through sampling and testing of indoor chemical and/or biological contaminants.

Indoor air pollutants can be caused by many sources within a building. They include: combustion sources, fire damage, building materials, furnishings, cleaning products, personal care products, water damage poor air duct systems and bio-aerosols such as bacteria and mold.

Pure Service Pro is uniquely qualified to:

Find and identify all indoor air pollutants through extensive testing, including air duct systems.
• Identify indoor environmental conditions and contamination that are conducive to symptoms and sick feelings experienced by occupants.
• Recommend and execute solutions for remediation that eliminate Sick Building Syndrome.
• Perform flood, sewage, and water damage intrusion cleanup and repair.

The best thing to remember is if you feel like you’re getting sick in your property. Then, it probably does have an issue with IAQ. At this point, it is in your best interest, as well as the interest of others, to have it immediately evaluated by a certified professional.

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