Flood Restoration

Water Damage can occur at any given point in time without notice. Often times, there are signs of water damage before the obvious spread of water throughout a home. Early detection of these signs can mean the difference of a simple mop up job and a full scale dry out. To make matters worse, if water damage is not dealt with properly, mold will begin to develop and spread throughout hidden areas all over your home. The most important factor to limiting the damage done by a water leak is knowing where your main water shut off valve is. This simple little tidbit of knowledge can mean the difference between $100 and $10,000.

The most effective way to protect your property from water damage and the threat of black mold is to have it dried, ventilated, disinfected and restored as fast as possible. If your property has been affected by water trust Pure Service Pro to respond immediately and fully assess the situation, accurately restore your property and return it to its pre-loss condition.

Emergency 24/7 Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services

Our certified professional restoration specialists have been providing residential and commercial water restoration services and flood restoration services for many years in your local area. We offer 24/7 emergency restoration services for water removal, flood damage, and mold remediation! You no longer need to be devastated by the heavy rains, water hazards of leaking basements, flash floods and many other water related issues. Pure Service Pro can assess your home for water prevention solutions; as well as restore your home and its beauty and value after a catastrophe.

Pros and Cons of doing it yourself or relying on a contracting service

With help from a water restoration repair company, you may not only be saving yourself valuable time, but in most cases you will be saving money as well.

On your own:

Dealing with water restoration on your own can be a costly process in many ways. The most obvious expenses include the purchase of the tools to get rid of the water and clean up the mess. This includes such things as towels, sponges, boots, cleaning supplies and a sump pump. Just a sump pump alone can cost you a few hundred dollars. However, the real costly problems are the ones, which aren’t in plain sight.

If not done properly:

If water cleanup is not taken care of properly then many costly problems will arise in the near future. Many people worry about getting water out of their home but do not realize that during the period of water exposure hazardous mold can quickly begin to grow within the building. Breathing in mold spores can result in many health related issues ranging from allergic reactions to bleeding lungs. Getting rid of unwanted mold is not easy and requires the help of a mold removal specialist. This is why it is important to take care of water damage properly or else you could run into unhealthy mold issues later on down the road.

Potential foundation damage:

In addition to mold, another unforeseen water restoration problem is the weakening of the foundation of the home. When wood is exposed to water it can begin to rot over time. This weakens the structure of the home and is very costly to repair. Wood being exposed to water can also cause it to swell pushing apart from nails and other beams. This is another way in which water exposure can be very harmful to the structure of your home. These damages can be minimized by having specialized professionals get water out of your home quickly before further problems have time to take root in your home.” Be sure to have a professional water restoration team take care of the water damage efficiently, in order to prevent further costly headaches down the road.

The dangers of using a General Contractor:

Contractors are not bad; they are well trained in their area of expertise. When speaking in terms of environmental issues, it is very important to pick a company that specializes in your area of concern.  Water restoration holds many variations of problems including: environmental hazards, damage and restoration needs to name of few. Specialized professionals who can adequately assess these hazards and fix the problems during remediation to prevent future unnecessary costs or damage.